iPhone 5S – Finger Print Controversy

US Senetor Al Franken has raised concerns this week over the privacy of Apples iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition software. In an open letter to Apples CEO Tim Cook the US Senetor remark on how pass codes and passwords can be changed where as a persons own fingerprint is there for life.

Among other questions raised in the letter to Mr Cook the Senetor also raised such questions as;

Would it be possible to extract fingerprint data from an iPhone?
What legal status would the finger print have?
How well would the finger print data be protected?
Could Apple assure its users that it would never share their finger print data or finger print files with any commercial third party?
Do they believe users have a reasonable expectation of privacy in finger print data they provide to Touch ID?

So what is Apples response?

Apple are yet to respond to the open letter…



Opinion of iOS7

With the release this week of iOS7 its no wonder everybody is looking around online for the top tips and best hints on how to use it and also to find out whats new.

iOS7 Finally Released

iOS7 Finally Released

1) The new Control Centre.

One of the the biggest changes we have seen with iOS7 is the introduction of the Control Centre. The Control Centre is, in my opinion, a much needed  addition to the iPhone, with access to the new Torch feature as well as, Camera, Calculator, Clock/Alarm, WiFi, Airplane Mode (Who even uses that anymore?), Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb and the moving of Orientation Lock has brought the iPhone back up as a real contender to Android.

2) The new Look UI.

This has slightly disappointed me to be honest. Apples UI was always grown up and felt very sensible however with iOS7 I have a feeling that Apple are longing for the age of Disco with its bright colours and cartoon like icons, and  its very white background now being used on Apples default apps kinda like a virgin touched for the very first time …..

Also as one last little point the new look iOS7 reminds me of the new look Windows 8, with the swishing screens and circular buttons. I am sure Mr Jobs wouldn’t have agreed with the new concept. Apple were always leaders not followers.

3) 3D Parallax Wallpaper.

This is the fancy new wallpaper option that come as default on iOS7. Bascially it makies your screen look ‘deeper’ and 3D. However for iPhone4/4S users it does nothing but drain your battery life.

Although looking cool it doesn’t do anything for the phone it is just an effect (which is near invisible on 4/4S)

Finally, AirDrop. 

AirDrop is useless, there I said it. Although the concept of sharing files between friends who are close by is brilliant, I feel I can clam that it is already an activity that has been done for well over a year now. With apps like WhatsApp, Kik and even Apples own iMessenger there is no real need for AirDrop apart form to look cool.

And again it is a battery drainer, so switch it off if you dont plan to use it and unless you are a serious Apple user who’s friends all use Apple and can all afford a 5/5C/5S then it looks like you will be stuck using alternative methods to send that god awful drunken picture from the night before.